5 Ways You Know You’re a Racetrack Mutuels Clerk

If you’ve ever worked behind the mutuels lines at a racetrack, I’m sure you’ll feel me on this list of 5 things you encounter on a daily.  Obviously, you’ll want to watch my video for the full rundown, but here are some of the highlights…

1 ~ Your fingertips are constantly black…

Whether it be from the dirty money, cheap ink on a program, or ink form tickets rubbing off. You ultimately end up washing your hands a million times a day….

2 ~ You never have a shortage of dimes.

Your change purse in your wallet, or your pocket is always feels a pound and half heavier. Somehow always getting stuck with at least .70 to add to your collection after a shift….

3 ~ There’s never a shortage on food…

Who said a tip had to be money? Like the scene straight from Home Alone 2, when Cedric gets his notorious piece of gum tip. Whether it be coffee, gum, a sandwich, or a granola bar from the ‘.10 super lady’s’ windbreaker. Theres never a shortage on food….

4 ~ You have more “friends” than you know what to do with…

You’re constantly referring to your degenerate regulars as your ‘friends’ in your personal life. “Oh yeah, my friend Vinny had that P6 at Tampa!”….

5 ~ You’ve turned into a private bank…

Whether it be people asking for change, or ‘credit’. Somehow you feel like your window has turned into a private bank… but you’re definitely not FDIC insured…..

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Article written by Liz Aiello

Featured contributor

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  1. Scott Hinckley Reply

    EMA: I know YOUR credit score. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  2. JH Reply

    And then … there are the guys/gals who “bet out of the box.” Wink, wink!

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