Silver Charm with Bob Baffert

A First Look: Silver Charm–The Horse of Many Lifetimes

Standing in his father’s shadow at the edge of Silver Charm’s paddock, a young Bode Baffert was unaware of the legacy of the horse in front of him and of all that steel gray colt had done for his family–and him.

“This horse,” his father Bob said, tears forming a gloss behind those familiar midnight glazed glasses,  “is the reason you have everything you do.”

“Really?” the son replied, oblivious to the memories washing over the pair of former partners in front of him.

“Yeah,” Bob said.

“Yeah, he started it all…”

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Photo of Bob and Bode Baffert with Silver Charm courtesy of our friends at Old Friends Farm.

Article written by Eliya Finkelstein

Chief Storytelling Officer

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