American Pharoah: The Legacy Unfolds

His story was 37 years in the making. It began with one trainer, one jockey, one groom, one family, and one remarkable horse. While American Pharoah’s time on the racetrack was but a fleeting moment in the annals of sports history, his legacy is still to be written.

For the causal fan, retirement is the end—the bridge which a horse crosses, riding off into the proverbial sunset that is the breeding shed. But, for those who truly understand Thoroughbred Racing, retirement is simply the next chapter, the one that, with any luck, will only cement the impact made by horses of rare brilliance seen only once in a lifetime.

This year, the sons and daughters of American Pharoah will take to the racetrack for the very first time. Royally bred on both the top and bottom of their pedigrees, as Triple Crown Champions attract only the elite, they carry upon their very backs the hopes and dreams of a nation, longing to see once more, the exuberance with which American Pharaoh, himself, ran.

Many have been named, while others wait to be given a moniker—most already nestled in the barns of leading trainers coast to coast, preparing for the spotlight which is sure to be cast upon them in the coming months, for thus is the life of a horse whose sire wears the Triple Crown upon his head.

They’re sleek, embodying the characteristics which made American Pharaoh a standout athlete from early on, while also possessing the kindness he so portrayed, before fans and professionals alike, throughout his career.

Now, it’s their turn.

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His story was 37 years in the making.

Whose story will be next?

Incredible photo of American Pharoah by Noelle Floyd. Check out her work at www.noellefloyd.com

Article written by Nicole Schiveley

Chief Creative Officer

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