Arrogate Is NOT California Chrome or American Pharoah

Arrogate‘s performance in the Dubai World Cup was absolutely incredible, but everyone needs to take a deep breath and just CALM DOWN when it comes to trying to compare him to California Chrome…or American Pharoah…or Secretariat.

Watch, and let me tell you why…

Article written by Nicole Schiveley

Chief Creative Officer

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  1. Gloria U Reply

    After the dust settles, ask Baffert again about the best runner he’s ever seen. If he thinks it’s Arrogate, so be it. If he thinks it’s American Pharoah, okay. It’s his opinion. And, as long as there is the internet and message boards, there will be debates. We won’t all agree with each other. But hey, after Arrogate’s Dubai World Cup performance, who cares? The debates about who is the greatest or not the greatest race horse will not diminish the way I feel about a performance like that. That was some goooood stuff!

  2. Lisa O'Brien Reply

    Thank you for the wise words! I think each of these three, along with Secretariat and Man O’War, are great in their own ways and their own merits. An achievement by one does not diminish the achievements of those who came before him, or her. I love each of them for what makes them special, whether it’s Arrogate’s stellar performance in Dubai, Chrome’s rags-to-riches story, or AP’s 2015 “Grand Slam,” with the Triple Crown and Breeder’s Cup Classic win.

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