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Early Reviews From Readers of The Thoroughbred Experience

After weeks of hard work crafting the stories for the debut issue of our new print magazine The Thoroughbred Experience, our team was anxious to start getting feedback from early readers. After the Winter 2019 issue mailed out last week, readers began sharing their thoughts on our social media accounts and….well, we will just let them tell you some of their thoughts:

“I am SO glad I subscribed. I know I will be eagerly awaiting each new issue, and saving them all. Thank you so much for a truly beautiful magazine!!” ~ Darlene W.


“Thank you so much for shipping the magazine in an envelope. I have often been annoyed when receiving a magazine to see the address label on the cover, thus ruining it for collectability or simply obscuring the photographer’s art. Not so with your publication. Classy decision.” ~ Bob B.


“I am so happy I subscribed to The Thoroughbred Experience and am already excited for the next issue! Many thanks for putting a great work of art together!” ~ Pam D.


“There is something in this publication for everyone from a race horse owner to just someone who has a casual interest in horses. Excellent photography, just a really nice piece of work. If you like horses at all do yourself a favor and subscribe.” ~ Dean G.


“This edition captures that ‘little extra’ fans appreciate. Great Read!!” ~ Bonnie L.


“I love it!! It’s the first magazine I’ve ever read cover to cover!!!!! Every article is interesting and fills in the stories of each topic. When does the next one arrive!!!?? Can’t wait!” ~ Carol Ann J.

“I opened it as soon as I brought it in the house and could not put it down until it was finished, then I was almost sad because it was like finishing a really good book. I was so caught up in the stories! Love, love it!” ~ Nancy D.


“Loved it. Equine community has been wanting this. Great stories, beautiful writing, high quality without being slick and full of ads.” ~ Lynda M.


“Beautifully done and on the best quality paper I have ever seen! Keep up the great work!” ~ Vickie L.


“Got mine Saturday and couldn’t put it down! Read from cover to cover!! Can’t wait till the next one!” ~ Anna G.


“Great stories, great photography, awesome magazine. I look forward to the next one.” ~ Sandra M.

If you haven’t subscribed and would like to receive a copy of this very special first edition, don’t wait…quantities are limited. Order yours below!

Article written by Brent Burns

Founder and Chief Evangelist

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  1. Dale Johnson Reply

    I got my issue yesterday. It is absolutely wonderful. The articles on Silver Charm and Gary Stevens are heart warming and very tender. I was moved to tears many times on many articles. I was able to meet the majestic champion three years ago at Old Friends. What joy!! And, to meet Tinner’s Way. That was so wonderful to meet Big Red’s son. Thank you all for such a wonderful magazine and your selection of stories that project your love for the horses and others who love them.

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