A Fan’s Story – Kentucky Derby Memories: That Time We Kinda, Sorta, Almost Shared a Car with Tom Brady

Kentucky Derby definitely attracts its fair share of celebrities each year, and most fans are always on the lookout for an opportunity to spot some A-lister in town for Derby weekend. Here’s Toren McGovern’s story about how he kinda, sorta, almost shared an Uber with Tom Brady


“I live outside of Boston and had gone to the Superbowl, so hearing that Tom Brady was going to be at the Derby left one question…

Will we see Tom?

I took my oldest son and nephew to their first Derby weekend and raved about the great time. It was my 3rd. So we went to the Oaks on Friday had some fun –  including mint juleps and, like good adults, did not drive; we got an Uber.

Enjoying the Mint Juleps that ultimately led to our “encounter” with the GOAT

The car was a new black Mercedes. The Uber driver was a woman in her late 50s and told us she had been driving celebrities around. We told her we were from Boston and asked if she had driven any Boston sports figures. She responsded, “I’ve driven the Patriots coach before. He was in town for some benefit. Whats his name Beli-something?” We said “you drove Bill Belichick?!! He was in this car before?!!” She said nonchalantly “yes”.

She then tells us she had an hour to squeeze in driving for an Uber ride before going back to driving celebrities. Just then her phone rings and she has it on speaker. A nice gentleman asks her to be picked up to go to a party. They talk for about 30 seconds. Me, my son and nephew look at each other and all say the same thing…’that’s Tom Brady!’ At the end of the call my nephew yells ‘we love you Tom’.

When the driver hung up, she refused to confirm or DENY that it was him, but we know his voice!!. My nephew offered her 500 bucks to tell us where Tom was going – but she refused. We were like “That was Tom f-ing Brady about to get in the same car as us! We spoke with Tom!”

The Derby legends grows! Boom 💥”

While this TECHNICALLY may not count as a celebrity sighting, it’s damned close enough in my book. Great story, Toren, and hopefully next year you’ll cross paths with the G.O.A.T. again…maybe in person.

Article written by Toren McGovern

Founder and Chief Evangelist

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