God Created a Horse Secretariat

And God Created a Horse— He Called Him Secretariat


Originally published October 29th, 2017

Man needed a hero of flesh and bone— one of great strength and passion unrivaled— and so God created a horse.

He clothed him in crimson— as if fresh blood and copper melded together to forge a hue, blinding and deep.

He sculpted by hand the shoulders, the withers, the hooves. With the finest brush, God illustrated a star and strip on his face— and when the day was done, he cast the shadow of an eagle in his noble steed’s eye.

He created a horse who would hoist the hope of a nation ailing and lacking in spirit, in wake of war and political scandal; one who would carry atop his red frame flowing silks of blue and white— a flag at full staff— an unwavering constant in unsettling times.

He created a horse imperfect— as if to say “He’s only human,” so that man may remember that even the grandest of heroes fall, only to rise again from the ashes, to conquer all.

He created a horse to carry man, figuratively, throughout life’s many troubles; a champion for the rich and the poor— the young and the old.

He created a horse draped in roses and susans and carnations— a symbol of enduring strength; one who ran not for a title, not for a sum, but for the mere sake of running;

one who ran to quench the thirst in his very bones.

He created a horse to teach man to fear nothing— to trust in himself; to pursue the impossible— to reach without restraint.

He created a horse mere mortal— a reminder that men too, are capable of great heroism in their borrowed years— that one does does not need everlasting life, to lead a life everlasting.

He created a horse whose body grew withered and weary— so to teach man his years are precious— that no soul can outrun time.

Man needed a hero of flesh and bone— one of great strength and passion unrivaled— and so God created a horse.

He called him Secretariat.

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Article written by Nicole Schiveley

Chief Creative Officer

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  1. Kathryn A Defranc Reply

    Absolutely wonderful ode to the Best, Secretariat…

  2. Shirley myers Reply

    The best that ever was!!!

  3. Vinny Borello Reply

    I remember seeing the triple crown races as a boy. The excitement was incredible. Secretariat brought the country together during a time in America that was shaky at best. He was more than a horse and his accomplishments will never be surpassed .

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