Good Magic Lasts

Good Magic Lasts

Imagine the audacity it takes to send a maiden to face the best in the world. What did you think would happen when a horse who had never flown past the wire first, never felt the breeze flowing through his mane as only an open highway of dirt stretched out in front of him, lined up against the top horses in the world?

To win would be magic. But, can you know the story behind a magic trick without spoiling it?

A maiden winning against the best may be magic, but to compare it with sleight of hand ignores the years of hard work that go into a moment people remember forever: the years of study behind introducing sire and dam, the late nights waiting for a blazed chestnut foal to enter the world, the early mornings lovingly carrying oats and hay and water to help him grow into his muscles and bones, the hours in the saddle teaching him to hold his own in a pack of peers just as determined to find adulation and roses as he was.

Tasting victory for the first time ever at the world’s top level requires magic, but it’s no trick. A trick can steal the show once, but good magic lasts.

And, as a blazed chestnut son of Curlin cruised to the lead in the Blue Grass Stakes with both class and momentum on his side, it became clear that the same foundation that prepared Good Magic to make history last year has lifted him once more among the very best.

Photo of Jose Ortiz aboard Good Magic by Candice Chavez and Eclipse Sportswire

Article written by Nicolle Neulist

Featured contributor

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