Harness Racing

Harness Racing’s Garden of Eden

A Poem by Megan Maccario

In my perfect world of harness racing,
with standys speedily trotting and pacing,
everyone will work together,
to make the sport bigger and better

When I walk into the grandstand
along with the other thousands of racing fans
I will see a bunch of smiles
and hear them discuss staying a while

Fans and horses, raring to go
all in for quite a show
A driver in his sulky, ready to coast
and the horses are on gate at zero minutes to post

The announcer exclaims, “they’re off!”
before anyone has the chance to talk
about their wagers made last-minute
and how they wish they hadn’t been so timid

Ten-horse fields for every race
may give the sport a change of “pace”
no pun intended, of course
the only way is to come full-force

Larger purses, lots on the line
this is how I envision a better time
Mile tracks, standys side-by-side
with some even racing four-wide

Passing lane, be gone
when bettors see you, they yawn
Incentives for new fans
No tolerance policies and more bans

Social media is the new thing
and could make new fans cling
Harness racing can be fun
if there is something in it for everyone

Let’s make harness racing what it once was
and the sport that we all know and love
Open up your minds and take a look
it’s about much more than reading the “book”

It is a feat,
I know this to be true
But if we come together,
we can make harness racing brand new

Article written by Megan Maccario

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