Thoroughbred Insider wants to help you form deeper connections with current and potential fans and customers for your brand through the power of storytelling.


Thoroughbred Insider uses the magic of storytelling to take fans deeper inside the world of Thoroughbred racing through the stories of the people, places and horses that make it so special. Our dedicated community of fans and followers have made us the fastest growing content creator in horse racing.

Our stories are told using three different platforms:

  • Short form, social media based stories

Our short form stories are told using our different social media profiles – with the primary platform being our Facebook page, where our engagement rates significantly exceed other horse racing content and media providers. These “Micro Stories” – which are typically around 300 words – are centered around an engaging image and tell a story in a way to connect to the reader’s heart.

  • Long form stories told on our website

Our longer form stories are published at our primary website – . These pieces take our audience on an in-depth journey into the stories of people, places, and horses, allowing fans to connect on a deep emotional level with the sport. We focus on creating “evergreen” content with these stories – so the stories can live on past a particular date or event.

  • Location based stories told in our soon to be released smart phone app

Our most exciting innovation is our soon to be released smart phone app, which takes the user inside the world of Thoroughbred racing through interactive stories that are told based on your location, and then rewards you for completing challenges in the app. Think of it as nostalgic storytelling meets Pokemon Go meets a loyalty rewards program.


Through our various Content Partnership opportunities, we can give your brand a variety of ways to engage new audiences. Let’s discuss a customized Content Partnership solution for your brand.

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