The Legend of Tiznow

The Legend of Tiznow

“You know, we just don’t recognize the most significant moments of our lives while they’re happening.” ~ Dr. Archibald “Moonlight” Graham – Field of Dreams

March 12th, 1997 dawned like any other morning in Coalinga, California, as a bay foal with a white blaze and four white socks entered this world for the first time. While ours is a sport built upon dreams, who could have truly recognized the significance of that moment, at the time?

Could John and Carol Harris have realized that bay foal with the white blaze and four white socks would grow under their care at Harris Farms to one day become one of the greatest California breds of all time…a true horse for the ages?

After many years in the business with somewhat limited success, could Cecilia “Cee” Straub-Rubens have imagined that her homebred bay colt with a white blaze and four white socks would someday take her to the Winner’s Circle of the Breeders’ Cup Classic…just days before she would depart this world?

Could horse racing fans around our great land have imagined that four years later, a bay horse with a white blaze and four white socks would give our country a much needed victory while winning his second Breeders’ Cup Classic, just days and a few short miles removed from one of our nation’s darkest moments?

Could a young Stallion Manager named Larry McGinnis have had any idea that he would one day lead a bay stallion with a white blaze and four white socks off a van and into his stall at a fledgling stallion operation that would someday become one of the most iconic operations in Thoroughbred racing?

Chances are that no one connected to that bay foal with a white blaze and four white socks could have possibly imagined the significance of March 12th, 1997. It would only be through the rear view mirror of time that any of us would know the story and legacy of the immortal Tiznow.

Beautiful photograph of Tiznow by Jordan Sigmon

Article written by Brent Burns

Founder and Chief Evangelist

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