Osare : Out of Arrogate's Shwdow

Osare : Out of Arrogate’s Shadow

In familial blood there are hints of similarity between individuals— mere flecks of resemblance to those with whom we share lineage. Those likenesses, along with the traits which set us apart, make us who we are.

In the world of Thoroughbreds, blood is just the same. Every racehorse is celebrated for the athlete he or she is— and then sometimes, a talent comes along carrying the the blood of a relative so great, that comparisons are naturally made.

When looking thoroughly at magnificent young Osare, it is nearly impossible to overlook the physical traits so possessed by a brother with whom she shares half a family tree.

The long, sloping shoulder— the forward, craning neck carriage— the overall cat-like appearance distinct to one horse alone; his name was Arrogate.

It is a name which still pricks the tiny hairs upon the backside of our necks— and brings us back, momentarily, to desert sands beneath glaring lights, where all the world stood still. For a time, there was simply no greater than he; and though his time on the racetrack was brilliant beyond our wildest imaginations, it was all too fleeting.

So, when Osare came about— the half sister to Arrogate, himself— looking like a dark bay edition of the horse we’d come to love, we couldn’t help but begin to dream once again– of impossible strides, impossible victories, impossible feats.

While the young filly has yet to set foot upon the dirt surface her brother so excelled upon, she brings to Thoroughbred racing, something all her own— a whimsical stride, a fiery desire to lie close to the lead, and an undeniable thirst for more ground.

Trained by budding superstar, Jonathan Thomas, and ridden by leading jockey, Jose Ortiz, Osare will remain on the grassy surface which she has become accustomed to, throughout the rest of 2018.

What does 2019 hold in store for her? Certainly, it’s unfair to assume she will reach the heights her famed brother once did.

Still, there’s a distinct possibility that Arrogate’s half-sister will someday be known for more than her pedigree.

She may, perhaps, be known for a legacy all her own.

Photo courtesy of our friend Reed Palmer Photography / Kentucky Downs

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Article written by Nicole Schiveley

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