The People of Travers Day

The 148th running of the Travers Stakes took place on August 26th, 2017 at none other than the beautiful Saratoga Race Course. Almost 50,000 of my closest friends and I graced the historic grounds where so many in years’ past had stood and witnessed an event like no other in the world; the Mid-Summer Derby, the best of the best competing against one another for a chance to etch their place in history.

Whether they were taking in the affairs of the day at the rail, in the picnic area, on the backstretch, in the grandstand, in the clubhouse, or at the top of the stretch, I knew there was a common motivation among every individual that adorned the track. I was curious to hear what some of my friends had to say about what brings them to Saratoga, especially on Travers Day, and why it is so special to them.

I gave them the opportunity to tell their stories, so I could share them with all of you…



Article written by Megan Maccario

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