Promises Fulfilled

Promises Made, Promises Kept, PROMISES FULFILLED

Great things take time. They are the culmination of devotion, perseverance, and above all— PROMISES FULFILLED.

It was a mid- August morning— exactly 44 years to the very day since Bob and Debbie Baron exchanged vows with one another, before the friends and family they so treasured—and a decision would need to be made.

The air was permeated with the scent of possibility, as a vivacious two year old red colt as rich in ability as he was in color, was preparing to make his debut and embark on a journey which the Barons had patiently waited for more than four decades.

The colt needed a name… one not only worthy of his potential might but also worthy of this day—and the significance it held for the Baron family.

They thought deeply, remembering all that it meant to have spoken those words which would forge a lifelong bond exactly 44 years ago. They thought deeply, remembering their children and the years spent guiding them through life’s twists and turns. They thought deeply, remembering the words of Dale Romans, the trainer to whom they likened more family than friend, who’d always told them they someday have a great horse.

Truly, it was a story of promises made— promises kept— and above all, PROMISES FULFILLED.

And so it was fitting that the colt— the one vibrant in red color— be named just so.

He would go on to carry the moniker, and all it encompassed, across the finish line at Churchill Downs just thirty days removed, before setting out on an adventure in which he would carry the colors of the Barons to South Florida, on the road to racing’s grandest stage.

Despite the daunting presence of a reigning champion, the red colt would prove tenacious and bold beneath the blazing lights of Gulfstream Park, igniting in the very bones of those closest to him, aspirations of perhaps, a trip, once more, to Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May— as well as the realization that the dreams set forth 44 years prior had come to pass.

Together, they built a home— a family— a life— and one good horse, who may just be great. To some, 44 years may seem a long road, but the Barons surely know…

Great things take time. They are the culmination of devotion, perseverance, and above all— PROMISES FULFILLED.

Article written by Nicole Schiveley

Chief Creative Officer

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