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So God Made the Sport of Kings

And on the 8th day, God looked down on His planned paradise and said “My farmer needs a thrill”…

So God made horse racing…

God said, “I need an animal that starts running on the day that it is born, will herd cows, transport the family, complement a work day, and deliver the mail.

So God made a horse…

God said “this horse will have an imposing frame, have enough grit to plow a field, be strong enough to carry a giant and gentle enough to taxi a child. My horse will run a mile in under two minutes, retire at the age of four, support the disabled, protect against crime. He will know how to love and will not judge.”

So God made the Thoroughbred.

God said, “I’ll need somebody to train the horse. This person will be noble, honest and be able to parent a child, gallop a colt, provide for their family. A true horseman who-can: two-minute lick a stallion, abide by the in-laws, back track a filly, be a mother, a father, an icon and a role model. He said, I need a figure that a horse will trust, who wakes up before the sun, finishes work at dusk. They will travel across the country, for days with their horses and hay. They’ll know training horses is an honor and be an ally to the farmer.

I will label their DNA: “the cowboy way”

So God made a Horse Trainer…

God said “I need to have somebody willing to guide a horse for the race, live life with no fear and put life at risk in the starting gate. Wire to wire or off the pace, they will have skills necessary to navigate the horse to a win. They know being “overweight” is a sin. I need someone with a clock in their head that times fractions and finishing second place earns them “no satisfaction.” They will be able to ride with a crop, get trampled, kicked, dumped and dropped.

A life of boredom is this pilot’s bane. They acquire peace from a thoroughbred mane. Alleviation from pain is in the grip of the reins. This person will be small but strong. Injuries won’t keep them out of the saddle for long. With each horse’s stride every race that they ride: the run for the roses and pride will keep them alive. The greatest depression will be inspired by the heart that’s inside.

So God made a Jockey…

God said “I need settings to show a race, where time is passed with grace. Dreams, understood by few, will come true from a claiming race.

God said I need property where relationships are formed and traditions stay warm. Where family is founded and a 2 dollar bet can earn you one thousand.

The boundaries will be a landscaped with perfection, there will be beauty in every direction. A place where large crowds are welcomed, and horses receive support in every outcome. The dirt will be sacred, waste goes un-wasted.

I will fill each barn with life, sanctified by all types: horses, birds, a mouse and a fly, even goats will apply. Where men can socialize with their cronies and a woman’s best man is her pony.”

So God made the racetrack…

God said “I need a profession for the toughest people I create, an art that my farmer appreciates. Where the rooster’s call means “you’re late.” A job where retirement and death happen in the same breath. You will find luck from a shoe, respect is defined by few.

And I will have my best to display on this Sport’s biggest day, The 1st Saturday in May.”


So God made the Sport of Kings.


…..Cowboy up…

~ Kenny Toye

Article written by Kenny Toye

Guest Suite Contributor

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