Thoroughbred Insider captures “The Heart of Horse Racing”  through the stories of the people and places in Thoroughbred racing, as seen through the eyes of its fans.

Our mission is to help the sport of Thoroughbred racing reach and engage with new audiences by taking a different approach to content creation, and we are looking for partners to help us in that mission.

Our “Content Partner” approach is different from other publishers in the industry, as we will not be relying on a collection of banner ads to spread sponsors’ messages and brands, as they are shown to be very ineffective because of the phenomenon of “banner blindness”.

To help our CONTENT PARTNERS form better connections with the audiences they wish to reach, Thoroughbred Insider will instead use storytelling and variations of native advertising to best serve our partners’ needs.  To better understand our approach, here is a short overview of Thoroughbred Insider’s weekly Cornerstone Content and Featured Content pieces.

Cornerstone Content ~

Thoroughbred Insider Weekly Feature

Each Tuesday, we will publish our Thoroughbred Insider Weekly Feature, where we will tell the story of a person, place, or horse that truly captures the spirit of our tagline “The Heart of Horse Racing”.

An example of our Thoroughbred Insider Weekly Feature would be:


Women In Racing

One of the most popular social media hashtags is #WCW or #WomanCrushWednesday, where people typically give a shout out to women who make them feel empowered.  What better day of the week to publish our Women in Racing series, where we profile amazing women from the world of Thoroughbred racing.

An example of our Women in Racing series would be:


Millennials In Racing

Most people within the Thoroughbred industry acknowledge the need to connect with the next generation of fans and participants. With this in mind, Thoroughbred Insider will give voice to the stories of some of the Millennials in Racing to help connect with this important demographic.

To see a recent Millennials in Racing example, check out:


On The Verge Video Blog

In our weekly video blog series On The Verge, Nicole Schiveley and Amy Nesse will feature Thoroughbreds – and sometimes people – who are “on the verge” of breaking out in a big way.  With fast paced and engaging storytelling, this is another content cornerstone aimed at connecting with younger audiences in a way they enjoy – video blogs.

Here is an example of an On The Verge video blog:


Featured Content ~

Monday Motivation

Leveraging another popular social media and internet hashtag #MondayMotivation, Thoroughbred Insider will be featuring a motivational story from the world of horse racing each week, similar to…


Trivia Tuesdays

Who doesn’t like a good trivia quiz?  Taking a page from popular media sites like BuzzFeed, Thoroughbred Insider will be publishing a weekly horse racing related quiz on Trivia Tuesday, like:


Throwback Thursday

#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT is a great opportunity to look back at the history of horse racing to capture the stories of the horses, people and places that came before. For example…


Fan Friday

Thoroughbred Insider is focused on telling the stories of the people and places in horse racing as seen through the eyes of its fans. What better way to do that than to publish Fan submissions – whether they be short stories of their experiences, photo blogs, or a collection of Instagram photos in our weekly Fan Friday column:


OTTB Spotlight

Thoroughbred Insider also believes stongly in the importance of aftercare programs, so each week we will also publish an OTTB feature similar to…


The Guest Suite

Each week, we will also publish The Guest Suite, where aspiring writers and video bloggers will submit their content for publication. Some of these contributors will be invited to join the Thoroughbred Insider team as Featured Contributors, so this will be our readers’ first chance to see the work of up and coming content creators. Here’s a great example of our Guest Suite content:


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